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We represent a team of highly skilled security researchers who seek and report vulnerabilities as a voluntary service next to their jobs. Some use their real names, while most work under nick names, using DIVD as a fire wall to protect them from journalists, lawyers and recruiters. We take care they follow our code of conduct, which is based on the Dutch Guideline for Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure. So, although you will probably never meet our researchers, you may hope they are checking your systems right now, before the bad guys do…

Meanwhile, their research also serves as an empirical base to discover trends in security, stimulate security awareness and develop new methodologies in vulnerability research and disclosure. To structure their creative work, we are currently setting up departments, such as General Research, Unique Intelligence, Validated OSINT and Advisories for fixing vulnerabilities.

Team (in order of appearence)


Supervisory Board

Hacker initiatives like these, tend to have their own dynamics: sparks lead to flames, which die out or lead to wildfires, wasting energy along the way. To keep our minds focused on our goal to make the digital world a safer place and provide helpful hackers a solid platform, we installed a Supervisory Board of cyber security heavyweights. Each board member also represents a sector we try to get along in reaching our goals: cyber security companies, intelligence services, law enforcement and academia.